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The traditional way to teach and learn yoga is on a ‘one on one’ basis. Yoga comes to us from India where it has been taught this way for thousands of years.

Each and every one of us is unique, and has very different strengths, weaknesses, requirements and ambitions. What we thought we may gain from yoga may turn out to be something completely different than what we first anticipated.

Yoga has many benefits, personalized sessions give the teacher and student a chance to find out and explore the best way to apply and adapt it, giving these benefits a chance to unfold.

There are usually specific areas that need to be addressed when someone comes to yoga for the first time. This approach ensures a strong foundation is established, and all the basics are learnt correctly. Bad habits don’t get a chance to become embedded into the practice.

Yoga and especially Tristhana Vinyasa Yoga, is essentially a breathing practice. Breathing must be learnt from an experienced teacher. It is not recommended to try and learn proper breathing techniques from any other source.

Yoga begins as a physical therapy and can be of immense benefit in the treatment and recovery of most medical problems. Specific programs can be implemented to enable the student to continually improve by undertaking a progressive exercises system that can be done alone. This puts the healing, fitness and wellbeing process into the hands of the practitioner, and not having to rely on other sources. Regularity is the key, and this is the way it should be approached.

Once a program has been established it is the beginning of a continual evolution of self improvement. It is the way to really apply something that works very effectively instead of just reading books, lying on tables or listening to so called experts, most of how don’t even look after themselves.

We have the ability to heal and help ourselves; yoga gives us that very chance.

I have taught thousands of yoga sessions this way, and practiced for over 25 years and have seen and felt the amazing transformational ability that results from yoga applied in this way.

Yoga has been a life changing experience for me personally, on so many levels, and continues to be one of the most valuable undertakings I have ever seen and done.

On a purely physical level, yoga is one of the most effective holistic fitness and wellness systems available to us. Having stood the test of time, Vinyasa yoga gives the body and mind what is really requires, safely.

It isn’t always what we think we need that is what we need. Yoga helps us to find, and continually practice what we really need.

No equipment is needed and it can be practiced at any time once the correct techniques are learnt.

Personal programs can be applied to suit everybody and continually updated as the student progresses.

Specific therapeutic programs for a wide range of conditions as well as injury recovery are also a specialization.

The 7 ELEMENTS - LEVEL 1 course

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