My girlfriend took an hour-long class from Anthony in Pokhara and was blown away by her experience. She (and I) had some basic experience with the Sivananda approach, but what she learned during her session with Anthony turned her on to a whole new style of doing yoga. She raved about the class, and so she and I signed up with Anthony for a 10-day intensive yoga course at Begnas Lake. Before starting, Anthony told us both that by the end of the course, we'd have our own practice that we could do without a teacher, anywhere, anytime, and be our own guides. I was skeptical that I'd emerge from the 10 days with my own program and ability to self-direct, but that's just what happened. We spent 10 amazing days at Begnas, got into great shape, learned a hell of a lot about yoga and our bodies, and continue to practice on our own at home. To anyone looking for an amazing, motivating, and caring teacher, I can't recommend Anthony highly enough. — G. Miller


When I first started studying with Anthony, he told me that starting on the yoga path probably was the most important decision I would ever make. I initially regarded this as a rather dramatic exaggeration, but it didn’t take me long to realize the truth of it. Yoga has indeed changed my life, and it is like a universe that keeps unfolding.

Physically, yoga is like no other activity I have ever tried. I have a background in ballet and running, but I have never felt stronger, healthier or more flexible than I do now. And it just keeps evolving. The fact that there will always be new areas to uncover and develop – throughout my entire life – is both exciting and motivating.

However, my most important discovery about yoga is the way in which it creates a bridge between body and mind. Yoga is often called ”a moving meditation,” and discovering the benefits of that has truly been a profound experience for me.While running partly functioned as a tool to take my mind off my feelings, yoga has raised my mindfulness. I have found the courage to observe both my feelings and my surroundings with greater awareness, and although this can be challenging and sometimes intimidating, it has made me a much calmer, happier and more content person.

An essential part of developing a yoga practice is finding the right teacher. I feel very privileged to be able to study with Anthony, both in classes and in private sessions. He is a highly skilled teacher, and his teaching methods allow students to develop their practice in an efficient and safe way. His approach is both caring and challenging, and it is easy to tell that he has a true passion for yoga and for helping people unfold their own potential.

— Heidi Sævareid

Anthony has really helped me to develop another dimension to my experience with yoga. In a pleasant and firm manner he has challenged my body and mind, far beyond what I thought I could handle. It has given me strength, stamina and happiness. I do not know what the next step will be, but it does not matter. Even after three years I am curiously looking forward to the next class.

Stay well

I would like to recommend training yoga with Anthony Scott. I have been a regular yoga student with him since September 2010. At that time I had practised yoga occasionally for some years, but not learned the basics properly. I therefore had to start over again. I have attended his classes at various locations, a primary series workshop and have had an individual session almost every week.

Anthony has an in depth knowledge of yoga and is able to adjust the postures to everyone’s individual level rather than just demonstrate the full posture. I also appreciate the focus on strength and some efficient yoga fitness sessions as a supplement to the work with The Primary Series. Personally, I have had good improvement in upper body strength, hip flexibility and my general wellbeing.

Synne Syrrist