Yoga Fitness Training

Fitness training

Most of us are drawn to Yoga initially for the physical benefits it can provide.

Flexibility, strength, stamina, balance, all improve greatly with the correct approach to Yoga.

Yoga Fitness Training has evolved over many years of experience in Yoga Therapy and Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga practice. It develops a strong foundation to build a strong and safe yoga practice, and can also be an important addition to the training of any athlete or sports enthusiast.

Basic alignment is the most important aspect of physical conditioning, and one of the most neglected and overlooked. It is the key to the door that leads to true potential.

Anyone, from competitive athletes to those looking for the most efficient way to get fit and continually improve there physical condition, can benefit from this challenging yoga practice.

There is no chanting, philosophy, meditation or the need for perfection, this is purely a sweaty workout based on Vinyasa (flow) Yoga.

It is also perfect for Ashtanga and any other Yoga practitioners, as it helps strengthen some of the weaker areas of the body that can lead to injury.

Breathing is also very important,v and the way to lengthen the breath in conjunction with movement is learnt.

A typical class includes warm up stretches, strength work for the entire body, alignment movements, standing Vinyasa flows, Sun Salution, standing sequences, floor postures, hip openers, back bends, core strengthening exercises and relaxation.

This is another aspect of Tristhana Vinyasa Yoga. MOVEMENT - BREATH - FOCUS