How it works

How it works

Tristhana Vinyasa yoga is a systematic yoga program, a practice with a purpose and direction.

The primary aim of Tristhana Yoga is to make Vinyasa yoga adaptable and accessible to everyone, no matter what age or physical condition, and to establish a yoga practice on a personalized level that can continually evolve over a lifetime.

This systematic method can be started at any stage in life. No previous yoga experience is necessary.

Everyone has their own unique strengths and weaknesses, goals and ambitions, and this personalized approach enables everyone to access the health, healing, fitness and rejuvenating effects of this powerful yoga style.

Tristhana Vinyasa Yoga offers a chance to begin a long term fitness and wellness plan that can be learnt and practiced alone, anywhere, at any time, without the need for equipment, machines, or supervision, not even shoes – only a yoga mat.

The practice of Tristhana Vinyasa Yoga allows us to find our level, and continue to keep it lifting, slowing down the aging process.


Students are taught and encouraged to enter into self practice. A foundation sequence is learnt, and practiced at home. This is done on an individualized basis.

Regularity is the key to yoga, and this approach allows the freedom to practice in your own space and time. All the benefits of the gym and much more becomes assessable to you in your own home.

Cardio, strength, stamina and endurance, amazing flexibility, weight loss and body tone, core strength and connection, alignment, balance, focus and so much more can be achieved. Injury prevention and recovery is also an important aspect to this practice.

Many coaches are now recommending Vinyasa yoga as a cross training method, and a way to gain peak performance and provide an edge.


First and foremost is the Breath. A close look at Ujjayi breathing is taken, and how the energy locks or bandhas are integrated into the breath and movements.

A preparation sequence of gentle stretches are learnt and practiced.

The Sun Salutations form the basis for all Vinyasa yoga practice and are an integral part of the Tristhana Vinyasa Yoga system. They are modified to suit each student.

Standing postures are introduced, studied and practiced, and eventually strung together to form vinyasa flows.

Various floor postures and movements are then introduced.

Core strengthening movements, back bends, forward bends, twists, balances and inversion are all brought in over time.

This forms the basic foundation and develops a strong platform to build the entire practice upon.

Once the initial sequence is learnt the student is encouraged to practice at home. Progress depends on the dedication and commitment of the student, and the regularity of practice.

Tristhana Vinyasa Yoga helps us to continually strive to reach our true potential, physically and mentally, overcoming the blocks and barriers that stand before us, be present, and clear the way for a more harmonious and enjoyable life.

What was once impossible becomes easy, what blocked our path becomes our path.