Yoga retreat Nepal 3-13 OCT. 2016. Self-practice establishment
course: stage 1 teacher training, maximum 10 students, stunning location, all
inclusive US $800. Contact Anthony Scott,,, With Anthony Scott and Aleasha Shine.



Welcome to the first of many regular Retreats for Tristhana Yoga at the Shivalaya Yoga Centre in Nepal.

This stunning venue is the home of Tristhana Vinyasa Yoga and is the perfect setting to immerse into Yoga Practice. Limited to only 10 students and focusing on the establishment and development of Self - Practice these retreats are the perfect opportunity to gain the knowledge to begin the journey into a practice that will not only enhance your own life but to be able to share with others.

The first course covers ‘THE 7 ELEMENTS’ and is the first stage - Practice Establishment, and is a pre- requisite to The Tristhana Vinyasa Teacher Training Program.

This program is an opportunity to gain the experience to eventually share with others and make Yoga a full time occupation.

The Tristhana Yoga Method is based on Yoga Therapy and begins on a ‘1 on 1’ basis.

The focus is not about teaching classes initially, the experience of developing your own practice and how to bring others into Yoga that are not ready for classes is the intention.

Yoga is a Therapy, and thats were it must begin.

The ability to help others begin a yoga practice on a personal basis is a rewarding and statifing way to make a very good living.

This approach enables the Student/Teacher to work anywhere with no restrictions or under any regulations.

I have been doing just that in over 10 countries for the past 20 years.

Teaching only classes is not the future of yoga as it becomes more difficult to make a living with so many out there with only a' 200 hour’ certificate looking at making yoga there occupation.

Yoga as a THERAPY is now becoming more common as teachers with the experience begin to specialise in this area.

Teaching Yoga must emerge organically from the experience gained from a regular and holistic practice.

There is a far greater opportunity teaching the development of a yoga practice to those not ready for classes.

Most Yoga classes today are not teaching or focusing on the establishment of a self- practice.

Once the student is confident in his/her own practice and has competed the required courses they are welcome to join the Tristhana Team and teach at The Shivalaya Yoga Centre in Nepal.

The experience gained here will enable the student to share this wonderful practice any where in the world.